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It's hard to enjoy Melo as much as I usually would lately. Thinking about fans groaning because he dares to hold onto the ball more than two seconds irks me. Yes he's not playing as well as early on in the season, but he might have lost some rhythm from the injury. Lin can take a ton of dribbles and put up bad shots, yet people are probably getting pissed at Melo for even posting up.

I'm a fan of both of them. I agree, this needs to end. I'm not even negative about Amar'e lately.
Melo is a beast bottom line. He's played pretty badly all season but I'm sure he's gonna have plenty more 30pt games for the Knicks. I don't think he gives a **** about people groaning, hopefully he won't take it to heart.

He's been working hard most of the time since the firing of mda. It's annoying when people complain that he's not getting looks when on occasion he makes almost no effort (early-mid 4th @ pacers). As soon as he runs round a screen and gets open he gets the ball 75% of the time.