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I don't think Woodson is better than MDA. We never really got to see how MDA's system would work out if Melo had bought into it.

Since Woodson took over, he had changed things on offense a bit. We are seeing early handoff from Lin to Melo. On some plays, Melo is taking the point. This strategy has alleviated the burden of creating on every play for Lin and reduced Lin's TO numbers. Smart move by Woodson.
Antoni sucks. Carmelo Anthony did buy into Antoni's system. Look at his numbers under Antoni from last season.

The problem is that Anthony and Stoudemire both lost a step offensively, and Antoni refused to adjust.

Woodson understands this, so he wants Anthony and Stoudemire to pass the ball and play good defense to make up for their reduced offensive output.

Antoni just wanted the team to keep shooting, and he didn't want to hurt Anthony and Stoudemire's feelings by having them take less shots. Woodson doesn't care about egos, and he's holding everyone accountable.