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Dude its human. Melo's human. Say you're married. Work all day to bring home the bacon. Wifes home all day, yet when you get there nothings clean, no dinner, kids are going nuts and this goes on everyday. She wants you to do that special thing you do.

Are you going to give it 100% effort? I'd probably get mine and say F#%K the B%^$H.

The Moral? MDA wasnt keeping up his end so why should Melo? Or STAT? Or anybody really...
Not when you are getting paid 17 millions dollars to do your job.

Sure you don't have to perform if it's your wife. What if you hired a $1000 dollar hooker, are you going to let her off the hook if she is just going through the motion?

I like Melo and I don't think he was deliberately ****ing up to get back at MDA. Sure he did not like MDA's system. It was probably a bad fit for him but Melo DID NOT underperform to sabotage MDA.