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    Originally Posted by tkrieger
    Kyrie Irving is as clutch as Lin late in games....... Too bad he can't play "D" like Lin......... Otherwise the end of the Cavs-Hawks game might have been similar to the end of the Knicks-Sixers game.

    Even in the Philly game, Lin induced a Philly air ball on one outside shot and actually blocked a three-point attempt. Both in the 4th quarter. People will remember what he did at the FT line, but Lin's play at the other end of the floor was again a major factor. His only real negative was that bad foul near the end of the game.

    But the Amare block of the dunk attempt was the play of the game. I really thought the Sixers home court would ultimately tip the game in their favor, but the Knicks defense didn't let that happen.
    Lin's dogged defense - forcing airballs etc ~ loving his growth on defense.

    Amare had several awesome moments.

    Loving the teamwork!

    * Melo's hustle, defense, energy ~ like a machine all game - sure he can still improve but -> When he plays both sides of the ball - GAMECHANGER!

    Much like the rest of the team~ Really liking the effort from everyone on the knicks team - but i would just be listing the entire roster.. lol
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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    With gas in the Big Apple running around $4 a gallon, it’s probably a $40 to $50 car ride down the Jersey Turnpike to Philadelphia and back.

    You’re looking at up to $20 in tolls and parking at the Wells Fargo Center runs at least $15.

    Then you still actually had to purchase tickets for Wednesday night’s Sixers-Knicks game, and I doubt a lot of the $12 seats in the upper level were available.

    Add in concessions, and it was easily a $150 to $200 night for each Knicks fan.

    Funny thing is, that was still probably cheaper than taking the subway to Madison Square Garden for a real Knicks home game, assuming you could actually get access to a ticket.

    Average New Yorkers can’t afford to go to a Knicks game, but they love their basketball team.

    That’s why they think little of traveling the I-95 corridor to New Jersey, Washington and, yes, Philadelphia, where tickets are always available.

    That was not really a home game for the Sixers.
    Its the little things like this that makes me proud to be a Knicks fan. New Yorkers are crazy for their Knicks. Every game is a home game for this team.

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    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

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    One thing about yesterday's game that I completely took for granted was that this was the second game of a back to back. You wouldn't know it given the intensity shown.

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    You could see they were tired but our depth and timely substitutions paid divs....
    clearly the defensive intensity was key and I'm sure the locker room was feeling good. Hopefully they recognize now what it takes to win.........and that grand opportunity lieing before them. Teams gotta be trembling a bit right about now.

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    Originally Posted by MeloforMayor
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Its the little things like this that makes me proud to be a Knicks fan. New Yorkers are crazy for their Knicks. Every game is a home game for this team.
    That's why i became a Knicks fan here in Greece and not a bull or laker like everyone else.The knicks fans are the best in the league.

    Now for the game i enjoyed seeing amare coming up but the most important thing was the team defence that we played.

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