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    Originally Posted by kinein
    Need the Dragon to wake. Team needs to - get Lin involved when it comes to scoring - to open it up for everyone else. Nothing like inspiration of a teammate, and having that teammate - take some pressure off you - so you can just get comfortable and dominate. Also when Lin scores: HIS ENTIRE TEAM IS HAPPY. GENUINELY HAPPY. People play better when they are laughing, smiling and having a good time.

    * Fields, Smith and Shumpert combined for 17 points
    If Lin can drop 38 on Kobe Bryant & the Lakers, he can do it against the Raptors.
    * The guy CAN score, he finds a way. Needs to be pushed.

    * Lin shut down Calderon. Calderon's 2pts came when Lin was on bench.
    - surprisingly not many people noticed this.
    Since Lin has been matched up against the other teams' starting PGs, starting with Brandon Jennings at Milwaukee, not one of them has had a good shooting game. Not one. Not even Derrick Rose. (Too bad he wasn't matched up on Rondo when he had that monster game. Lin allowed only two Calderon FGs in the game at MSG.) This was a reason why teams have become fixated on setting screens on Lin, some of them resulting in offensive fouls.

    For a while, I've felt like the only one who thought Lin's defensive play bordered on phenomenal....... It seems like a few others are now noticing. (That forced air ball from Brandon Jennings at the end of the Milwaukee game was one of the best individual defensive plays I've ever seen. Lin forced an air ball and blocked a 3-pt shot in the 4th qtr of the Sixers game.)

    But this raises the question: Why does Woodson send Lin to the bench in late half defensive situations? (D'Antoni did this too.) I'd only do this if Lin had at least two fouls at the end of the half.

    And finally, too often we run plays for a Melo shot, and the shots don't go down. Or fails to finish on the drives to the basket. How many more times do we try this before we realize Melo just might not have it anymore? When he's playing well, he's actually passing the ball, but his shooting has become too unreliable to give him the lion's share of the FG attempts. (At least we're starting to see signs of life with Stoudemire.)
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