If Melo gets, and maintains, elevation on his shots and his drives, this team is going to be the low seed that no high seed wants to see in the first round.

His offensive prowess/offensive threat will open the lanes for Lin.

Lin's penetration will open the offense of Amar'e.

Lin's penetration will add Chandler as a threat ~ Davis' penetration, too.

Perimeter players' lanes will open.

The ****ing skies will open if Melo starts hitting again.

Right now he's a scorer that has an inconsistent shot with limited range.

It's time to break out of the funk, Melo.

Do what is required of you as a shooter. Please!


I am referring only to Melo's shot. The rest of his game: passing, defending, setting picks etc. has been excellent throughout this stretch. This is not a hate thread, this is an implore thread.