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We were also missing our starting PG, our starting defensive stalwart SG, and our starting PF.

Yea, if Melo comes as a free agent, we keep Gallo or Wilson, and Moz, etc. We'd have 4 SF's on the roster, and maybe no Tyson Chandler.

It's a factual point you're making, but I dunno how relevant it is on May 3rd, 2012. What's done is done.

We have what we have. Without 3/5 of our starting lineup out, we don't look quite as pathetic, and Melo doesn't have to carry the entire offensive load.
We're 0-3. It hasn't been just this game. We lost by 33 in game 1 with everybody, except Lin.

And Lin, Novak, Fields, Davis, Bibbly, Jeffries and Smith need to be replaced or resigned next year, somehow.

The old team with $18 mil in cap space could have built a better product than what we have now. No question. But you're right, what's done is done. Just have to accept and eat the crap Dolan feeds us. It's what us Knick fans do best.