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  • MDA advised at least some of his players to save their energy for offense.

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  • The team or certain player quit on MDA

    9 37.50%
  • Mda's lack of interest in defense lead to the players lack of interest in playing defense

    13 54.17%
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    Originally Posted by TakMan
    He had a setup that worked for his game plan. It didn't only work, it worked really well. They reached the conference finals twice. That's no easy task for a Western Conference team. He is a good coach but his inability to adjust to different environments keeps him from being a top coach.

    Funny how they didn't manage much with Nash after D'Antoni left. No-one is saying this wasn't the right time for D'Antoni to leave; but that's a far cry from categorically stating he's absolute rubbish. If a coach is deemed rubbish after managing consecutive 65%+ win seasons in the West, then Woodson must be deemed below rubbish. The Knicks needed a coaching change to reinvigorate them; D'Antoni clearly failed to inspire this set of players. I hope Woodson can continue to inspire them as he has done thus far.
    Who was on that roster is still playing for the suns? Plus consideration that Nash is older now. Give him Equivalent talent as before plus with grant hill. I bet they would be rocking the west.

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    We have plenty of fans that think the players quit. I dont understand how some of you can think that when I've never seen this type of defensive intensity since MDA was hired. Never.

    So that kinds blows that theory out of the water.

    I wouldnt be surprised if some time soon we hear about MDA telling players to save their effort for the offensive end...

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    If they did quit on him...then there must be a pretty good reason for doing so. I for one saw plenty of reasons why I would have quit on him too.

    He wears his players out by playing a small rotation in an flawed uptempo system, he actually thinks offense is more important than defense...but didn't really know how to use his scorers, he fails at making smart gametime adjustments, his subbing of players was untimly and poor, he's soft and lacks real NBA coaching abilities, no accountablity of self or others, can not properly evaluate the talent he has or the talent he faces on other teams, can't design plays other than some wack sceen to free up a 3 pt shot, and he's always bitching at the ref' if it was their fault for the team sucking.

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    Its simple, Melo and the team was giving up or gave up on D Antoni, probally more Melo then anyone and when your stars, "your leaders" arent giving it there all then the rest of the team wont. The team just wanted a fresh start and they got it by getting Woodson. Now there playing harder because of that and Woodson is probally a more liked coach then D antoni was to the team

    Plus Woodson holds players accountable. Makes much better in game decisions, adjustments and rotations. Also helps that he is all defense first (came from 2004 Detriot Pistons defense juggernaut team) standing next to legendary coach LB.. So he knows what the hell he is doing, he persaudes, motivates so that is why we are winning games right now...

    Is it mostly D Antoni leaving that all the sudden they are energized and motivated and playing great? Yeah id say its about 70% that, but its also Woodson's ability to coach and hold players accountable and make right decisions etc, Woodson's coaching ability has played a major factor in our 5 game win streak

    We would of most likely lost in Philly and at Pacers, D antoni would of kept Chandler in instead of matching the 76ers small line up, D Antoni wouldnt of had said a word to Fields when he blew a open man (pause) left him wide open in the corner for a 3 and he would probally still left him in the game

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