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    Default What do you take from the latest win streak?

    with prior win streak of 7(begin lin) and 2 lossing streaks of 6 pre lin, 6 post lin.
    what do you make of this 5 game win streak, post D'Antoni?

    It's been so hard to get a read on this team. I love the way they're playing, but I also loved the way they played when Lin took over. then they hit a 6 game skid?
    Will Woodson make them more consistent?

    I'm assuming they will win against toronto and detroit. hoping they can win a couple big games coming up against Milwake, Orlando and Atlanta.
    I would like to see them get a win against Miami, chicago or orlando...likely playoff match ups.
    The two wins vs Indy were a good sign. but the knicks have been bad against playoff competition.
    Let's...Go...Lottery! Let's...Go...Lottery!!! Say it with me Knicks fans!

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    Defense as a team and little to no switching, combined with a better rebounding effort.

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    Stat & Melo playing better than ever together
    "I'm more concern how Melo is gonna play with Lin" Joe Budden

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    I like what I saw, during the winning streak.

    Anthony and Stoudemire played as part of a big 4 with Chandler and Lin, instead of dominating the basketball like they were doing under Antoni.

    Mike Woodson really knows how to get the most out of his players. This team is good enough to get to the Eastern Conference Finals next year. The question is will Stoudemire and Anthony improve their conditioning for next year, or will they settle for mediocrity as they have for 90% of this season?

    Next year, this is the production this team is capable of, IF Anthony and Stoudemire get in shape.

    PG Lin 18 points, 8 assists, 1.5 steals
    SG Shumpert 12 points, 1.5 steals
    SF Anthony 22 points, 5 assists, 7 rebounds
    PF Stoudemire 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists
    C Chandler 12 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks

    Bench: Fields, Smith, Novak, Davis, Harrelson or Jeffries
    Jeremon Linbury

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    Thumbs up Jared Jefferies Team-Leadership....Outstanding!!!

    Real Talk....We won every game this season when Jefferies got 24+ minutes of playintime

    Jefferies deserved all the bashing he received back in the daze....our Knicks oponents
    never defended Jefferies, a wide open Jefferies missing 9 out of 10 open layups, and
    never getting the rebound deserved all the bashing he got.

    Our poor coaching-staff back then deserved more bashing for being so damn clueless
    on how to put the right complimentary players in a lineup so they can motivate each
    other (Mike Woodson seem to be having that problem now with lineups of a 32+ minute Stat/Melo).

    Jefferies veteran experience is paying off big-time, especially when u add Jefferies in a
    lineup with two other defensive-players (Chandler/Fields/Shump), any of the two highlighted
    players in a lineup with Jefferies gives the Knicks "STOPS", Jefferies player/coach leadership
    has been contagious in the defensive department this season, especially during the
    Lin-Sanity era, and Mike Woodson 5 game win streak.

    Headcoach Woody better open his eyes to notice....Jefferies-Team-Leadership has
    been accepted by the majority of the Knicks roster....Jefferies 24 minutes has 5 players
    putting 100% energy on defense for 24 minutes...

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    When the team puts in the effort on defense, they can win alot of games.

    When they don't, they lose like they did to the Raptors.

    Just that simple.

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