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no the point is instead of Lin driving to the basket shooting off balanced shots he should be hitting Melo for back door passes that lead to lay ups and dunks, on the pick n roll he always forces the pass inside instead of skipping it to the corner well if Fields is there he passes it or Novak
I can't help but think that you're mainly analyzing Lin's game in relation to Melo's.

Melo has been getting his plays, as Woodson said in the post game, but just hasn't been delivering with even a shred of consistency. In those opening plays VS Detroit he converted on a couple, but went cold - even from the block where he's most comfortable - including shooting an air ball that Breen and Clyde were miffed by.

Since D'Antoni's departure he's shot 21.7% from behind the arc, too.

This **** needs to get sorted out because, as STAT mentioned after beating the Pistons, the team has set its sights on the Atlantic crown and as favorable a seed as possible.

Lin has had very little to do with Anthony's lack of shots and rhythm.

Whatever the problem - mental, IMO - Melo's tiptoeing the line of media scrutiny again regardless of whether or not he's been doing better defensively/being unselfish. We know how he deals with negativity, and the Knicks can't afford for that to happen.