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    Originally Posted by Dzwonsson
    Toronto had several games where they started off strong but couldn't close out well enough to grab a W. Right now they're up by 4 against Chicago with 4 minutes left on the clock...
    In Chicago no less.

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    Default The Raptors-Bulls Game Tonight...........

    After getting shut out by Jeremy Lin the previous game, Jose Calderon explodes for 20 in Chicago......... Raptors force OT on Bulls on the road. (Derrick Rose didn't play, but still a very tough team to beat.)

    Then in OT, in the final 20 seconds, the Raptors CHOKED at the FT line, missing 3 of 4, and the Bulls then won the game on a Luol Deng putback........... (Just think of how we won the Sixers game.....)

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