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Melo would get it because Lin would struggle against Elite competition and STAT would then not do much because the lack of PG play so Melo puts us on his back and goes 30 and 10 in the series winning the Finals MVP
Melo is shooting 39% this year as an NBA veteran, suppose to be in his prime years.

Where as Lin is shooting 44%, NBA rookie/sophmore, just fought and won a starting role.

If Melo puts us on his back again, we'll lose just like we did last year against Boston.

This team's success is beyond what Melo does.

The Knicks are only allowing 86.9 pts per gm in their last 7. The top team in the league (PHIL) allows 87.5.

Our defense has lead to victory, and Lin's defense has gotten better...where as Melo is on and off.