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Thread: Bulls or Heat

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    I think we have a shot against either team, the keys will be our defense it has to be solid and our bench play if they play well we will be in good shape I believe we have the deepest bench in the EAST. Regular season accomplishments go out the window once the playoffs start everybody is 0-0..Besides we have history on our side the last time there was a shortened season we stumbled into the playoffs (27-23) record we were the 8th. seed played #1 seeded miami and won on our way to the finals ....dejavu ?? go knicks !!!!!!

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    I think our chances are better against Chicago, but damn I want to beat those Heat suckers badly!

    Even if they beat us, we might suck enough energy out of them so they crack up in the Conference Finals or Finals again which would be a success for us. Every season without a Heat championship is a good season, even better if we can contribute to that in any form.

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    I dont know bout fairing better against Chi than Mia. For all the talk we're doing about how the bulls have no one besides Derek rose and we'll only have to stop Derek rose if we play the bulls, ......the bulls are 12-4 without him, thats a .750 winning percentage, which is amazing. Come playoff time, these same guys who are playing without their leader will have even more confidence and i dont like Chi's slow down methodical style.
    I'd rather take my chances against Miami who, if Melo wakes up, can make Lebron work and we can hope Shump would contain Wade, and our bench is clearly so much better than theirs!

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    The Bulls are overrated. Did you see how they got smacked around by Denver?
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    Humility is a virtue and pride is a vice.

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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Every season without a Heat championship is a good season, even better if we can contribute to that in any form.
    Yes sir. Amen!

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