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The Bucks move the ball well. Whether or not Ellis will somehow detract from that as their new piece we will see. They tend to be out rebounded, particularly in the back-court, but otherwise they're reasonably on par with their opponents statistically.

The Bucks most effective field goal % comes during the first 10 seconds of the shot clock. They play good transition basketball, and, as I've said move the ball well.

Fact! The Bucks reached 30 assists for the sixth time in seven games and the seventh time in 10 games. They lost for the first time when reaching that mark. ... The Bucks scored at least 104 points for the ninth time in 10 games. They fell to 18-5 in games where they score at least 100.

Key to Victory.

● Defense - naturally. When we last lost to the Bucks at home our defense was just woeful. The Bucks move that ball, and any players not paying attention to their man will get burned. STAT could very well be made to look silly by Gooden on numerous occasions.

● We need the bench to come out gunning. Our propensity to let leads balloon rather than be cut down will be under surveillance as always, and we need the bench to score and exert energy from the get go.

Previous Encounter

Knick Art by Joe Petruccio

Who To WatchAmar'e Stoudemire

With the emerging Ilyasova and Gooden's potential to get hot and stay hot, STAT will have to be on his toes in this one defensively.

Assignments - We owe Jennings one, and Ilyasova needs to be kept quiet. Poster In The Spotlight!

Love the username! Dude knows his stuff and good to see him posting a lot more. Keep it up, you big rapist.

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