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    Originally Posted by KingStarbury3
    Both of them are painful to watch, I cant wait for RJ to retire. Hes gettin there

    I dont like to go by stats either but its my only option until i catch the replay. Lately since Woodson took over they haven't cared about stats, and the stats have told us very little of whats actually happened lately. Defense is alot more then just steals, blocks, and rebounds. Someone like Jeffries can do close to nothing statistically but have a big impact on defense. So i do think once I watch this game Ill agree with what your saying although there is a big gap in free throw attempts. But perhaps the Knicks were alot more aggressive going to the rim, or maybe the refs made bad calls. Or the Bucks coulda picked up careless fouls.

    Bucks couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn. Air-Ball symphony - a tour-de-force, other than the terminator dunleavy. (probably the one guy I would pay money for to see join the knicks - hes a beast)

    Without Mike Dunleavy ( who should be a starter ) - they were at risk of a 40-50pt blow-out by the 3rd quarter.

    If the Bucks had shot as they have in the last 2 weeks, we would have been blown out - with just average showing.

    Credit Chandler, Carmelo - BEASTING it on the Rebounds & shutting down dunleavy), JR Smith HUSTLE, and some Novak rebounds - for a lot of that win. Shumpert nails some shots toward the end that hold the lead - and Melo holding steady @ the free throw-line. We won with hustle and free-throws, we shot relatively poorly as well ( Melo did well shooting in the 1st Q ).

    JR Smith made some solid moves to shoot inside the arc and take it to the basket.

    Baron had several mistakes, turn-overs, was turning into a gas-less player at times, walking, just slow-motion dribble then slow-motion shoot then brick. Getting stolen from because he was just slowing down. He held it down though, needed him to play this one and hold it down for the team - in a must-win.
    * getting pissy, blaming teammates for his own-travel because Jenning draped his body almost spread-eagle on BD.

    * some people on these forums don't seem to realize that Baron could easily reinjure himself or have the same season-ending injury or related injury as Amare. All you guys are telling me is you have no experience with injuries and maintaining athletic performance - those that keep speaking as if Baron should play bulk minutes. Your going to end his career if you get what your asking for. I'm pretty much disgusted with several posters with no concern of Baron's future. The guy doesn't deserve some of the fans on these forums that want him to destroy his body - that is still on the mend.

    Also for those clamoring that Lin can't compare at all to Baron Davis:

    B. Davis :
    34 Minutes

    3/12 Field Goals Made/Attempts 25% shooting.

    1/5 3PM-Attempts

    6/6 Free Trhows

    5 Rebounds

    7 Assists

    1 Steal

    9 Turnovers vs the Bucks.
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