This STAT injury has me concerned. It seems that just about every time we get a difference making player, that player has some sort of issue.

Micheal Ray Richardson-Wanted to PARTY ALL THE TIME. If he stays clean he might be considered the best PG ever to play the game. He was that good.

Larry Johnson-Injured back I believe. I think he had it before we traded for him. He was a shell of himself compared to his days with the Hornets.

Bernie-This killed me. I think he got hurt the year before we drafted Pat. Man that combo would have been lethal.

Other times we just get a player a couple of years to late. Kiki, D harper, Blackmon.

I'm at the point where I almost hope we lose out and some how some way get the #1 pick, so that we could draft that kid Davis.

STAT here's to hoping you have a speedy and 100% recovery...