Holy clitoral crust, CoolClyde.

Sensational, brilliant, astounding, erogenous, friction causing thread!


How good are these pics!?

That is by far the best thread I've read/seen in nigh on 4 years as a member of this site.

Animated pics, article worthy write ups ~
Carmelo groin-gimped off the court after an impressive 28 and 12 versus Buckers.
Lala's boy has played thru ouchies most of the season, and seeing that STAT is down and out, we predict he will
suck it up and start this game. his slow but steady return to form is welcome to the Knick faithful.

Bugger me!

That was awesome! A feast for the senses.

But I have to ask, if this is what you're capable of with your net press magic staff and crystal balls, what took you so f'ing long!?

A round of applause!

I now propose a tandem effort. You and I. Fighting crime.