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like Robin the boyee wonder to your Bat Man?
of course, you are the king of game threads, it would be my honor.
thanks for props.

Batman and Robin? NEVER!

Dude, I copy and paste. You create. Major difference. Same goes for Dzwonsson.

I need to get on to that.

Just dubbed the Hawks game. Keen?


AMazing defensive, team oriented win.

The league needs to add tap out rebounds as actual rebounds for TC. He's been incredible in that regard throughout this entire 8-1 run.

SHUMP - Pistol Grip Pump! Wow. Phenomenal on both ends. Quentin Bitch-hard-son was clearly BEYOND frustrated that Shump was choking their perimeter game. Eat a fat one.

Davis, savvy.

Jorts did well on the glass, but, as Woodson said, dude's gotta get a better engine.

Amazing win, and a catapult as we go in against the Hawks after they've lost to both Boston and Milwaukee in their last 2. I really don't think they have what it takes to roll with this crew of stingy pirates! RAaaaaaaaggggghhhh.