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I sometimes have a habit of visiting opposition's fan forum after a huge Knicks win. Last night was no exception. Absolutely hilarious!

One predicted a 36-point win by Magic.

Here is one post from a six-year-old member that tops them all...

One member wrote:

seriously, what is our problem playing against teams shorn of stars?

it's just like someone said in the first page of this post "a random benchwarmer will score 30pts (tonight for the Knicsk)"

Old timer replied:

It was me. Say hello to Shumpert. He'll Shumpert the heck outta your team.

This team melts down so nicely in national TV it's artistic. They melt like a nice velveeta cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich.
I do it all the time - makes watching the game interesting seeing the build-up and aftermath.

Their gamethread was hilarious at first.

- Nice shot.
- Good pass.
- Rebound!

Then the whining and QQing got unbearable.