No not another Darko Millic Andre Baragaini type!

But radical new surgeries being performed in Europe. I have a friend who said that a lot of the European practices are much more effective than surgeries over here.

Remember Gallo's bulging disc? We were scared as hell that we just drafted a 20 year old with back problems, he sat for much of his rookie season, did the surgery in Europe and his back has not been a problem since!

Ok, so you may say Gallo is much younger and has less miles on him than Stat, which is true

But consider Kobe's injuries woes last year and people saying he lost his explosiveness (sound familar) and he went and had this surgery done and darn it if he is not leading the league in scoring when he looked like he was headed towards being a 20pt per game scorer for the rest of his career.

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That's the link above, looking for the article I read earlier this season when he said he suggest all athletes going that route for now on.

Now I read an article about these surgeries (written by an American Dr.) merely surpressing symptoms for 10 years or so but that is the majority of a Pro Athletes career, I mean if when Amare is 40 he starts having problems again I think he'll live with that!

Anyways, sorry if someone has posted about this already in a previous thread, just wanted to give hope!