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Well Houston isn't teaching him defense hahah. I watched the all access video from last week on Knicksnow.com and you see in a couple of the clips in the background them working together on Shumps jump shot and off the dribble shot.

"Iman Shumpert's jumpshot. Before the Bucks game Monday night, Shumpert was working with former Knick and current assistant general manager Allan Houston on shooting off screens. After the rookie missed a few in a row, Houston came up to him and said, "Sometimes your shot is too flat. More arc."

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Also listen to an interview where shump talks about working with Houston
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Sounds like something they will do as a routine for here on out. Houston can atleast do that for us after we've been paying off his contract up until last year.
WTF on earth does Herb Williams do??? I want him gone! He adds ZERO value and just seems to have a place with the team no matter who the coach.

We've never had a big leave this team more skilled prior to coming here with him as our bigman coach. He's a waste of assistant coach space. If I ever saw him i'd tell him to his face too.