Let me preface this by saying that the follwoing rumor has no backing what so ever. I thought of it after reading this blurb from the Bergon Record: "KNICKS BRIEF: Shandon Anderson said he's been in constant contact with his agent, Dan Fegan, regarding his potential escape from the Knicks, but nothing is pending, including a buyout. Told he could help the Nets as he glanced down their roster, he simply smiled and nodded."

SO here it is.... Shandon Anderson for Alonzo Mourning.

Nets get a solid defender to go with Buford and Mercer at SG and a backup for Jefferson. Plus the Nets havent been so keen on Zo returning.

Knicks take a chance with Zo. On this team, he`d only need to play 10-15 minutes a game. If Zo cant play, he`s not a cancer and can be an inspiration to his teammates.

If Clemens can be a Yankee and Lindros a Ranger, why not Mourning a Knick????