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    Nyk Logo 2012-13 Off-Season Thread

    I decided to start this thread now because there's definitely gonna be a problematic off-season situation for that I think is currently overlooked.

    Other than our Big 3 & Shump, TD, Jorts and Jerome who are locked in contracts ;

    If Lin gets the MLE, we're going to have a potential problem re-signing
    Novak (Is a $5-6 mil player at least imo, unlike what most thought earlier on)
    Fields (We have his bird rights. He's probably gonna stay unless he's not wanted which I highly doubt.)
    JR (If he gets a better offer than the $2.5 mil option, he's probably gonna dip, with the way he's playing, he's worth more than the $2.5).

    I believe Baron and Jeffries will continue taking the vet min.

    That still leaves Bibby and Walker in unclear situations, but I see them getting cut at the end (unless they're OK enough for resigning vet min..?)

    Here's the salary situation, what are you're opinions?

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