Very early days no doubt but thought I'd get people's opinions on the matter. He spent the first half of the season in the background attempting to instill at least a basic comprehension of the important role defence plays in winning games. The question is: Did he re-assess his offensive approach during this time as a result of experiencing a different type of offence? Watching the Knicks - Magic game again yesterday confirmed my thoughts that the Knicks offensive game is still very much centered on quick ball movement and good look shots. The difference (on offence) between the Woodson era and the D'Antoni era is that the players appear far more confident and motivated with this approach. Woodson makes sure of this by addressing any potential issues early with his time outs and adjustments. Defensively it's like night and day and -on that end- Woodson seems to have already stamped his name on the Knicks. Do you think Woodson will continue to stick with a combination of run and gun/ISO, or will he gradually attempt to bring in his old approach?