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I think defence can take you as far if not further than a decent PG (though if Davis gets some more games and conditioning he may well become the decent PG we need). Memphis beat the crap out of SA in last year's first round and they didn't even really have a PG. They do have a brilliant defensive unit though. Not sure what the deal with Derrick Rose is, however if the Knicks were to play the Bulls at their own game (defence), and with Rose either missing, or at 50%, I couldn't call the outcome.

Our defense is inconsistent, injured, or in the Atlanta Hawks lost and found.

Baron Davis veteran tricks of the trade is only good for 20 minutes per game vs oponents young guards....and thats in the regular season.

The Bulls only loss 12 games this season....CJ Watson & John Lucas been spliting the PG minutes with huge help from their SG Kover & Brewer throughout Rose 20 game absence.
Going head to head with the Bulls in the first-round without Rose only means we are good for one win in that series....Bulls bench depth is to deep an organize for a series.