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Hands off the panic button people. Just like in the NFL, this strike shortened NBA season and its truncated schedule is just KILLING the players. Lack of preseason and conditioning has its casualties....that being said, Linsanity and the hype that followed put our KNICKS back on the map, but don't get twisted. Lin is a shoot first PG that overdribbled and turned the ball over way to much.

This is where Woodson puts his bid in for the permanent coaching job. The Bulls still have the best record in the league without J Rose. Our KNICKS have capable vets like BD, TD and Bibby to run point as well as Shump and MELO is a mellow fellow and can run point-forward. It won't hurt Lin to see the game from the BENCH and he should be back for the PLAYOFFS!
To tell you the truth, i think BD is overrated, we anticipated to much for a PG to run the team after TD poor handling, and Melo? i dont want him to run the point, i want him down low, in the post where he thrives as hell.

i am not that worry, i believe in the Knicks & Woody, i think that we are going to do some great **** in the playoffs(JINXERRRR...), BUT!

Grunwald has a lot of work in the summer, no way that our No 1 superstar has back2back playoffs injuries, furthermore he is under achieving, we lack of SG(sorry JR) that know to score consistently, and we have no SF backup.

but that all talks after we will defeat the Spurs in the finals.....