Injured Lin could be back with Knicks sooner than thought

Jeremy Lin’s six-week timetable could be expedited to a month depending on the level of arthritis surgeons discover in the meniscus cartilage during the arthroscopic procedure on his left knee, according to a top orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Wellington Hsu, an orthopedic surgeon/assistant professor at Northwestern, said professional athletes could return from torn meniscus surgery in two-to-four weeks.
However, because Lin’s is a “chronic’’ tear, by definition some arthritis exists in Lin’s knee, according to Dr. Hsu, who has not treated the Knicks point guard.
“If they don’t see anything else wrong in surgery, just see the tear, typically you can get back in the NFL in two to four weeks and I’ve seen NBA players get back within that period,’’ Hsu told The Post. “That’s assuming there are no surprises.’’

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