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    Default New York Knicks @ Indiana Pacers 4/3/2012 7:00 PM


    The eighth seeded Knicks face the fifth seeded Indiana Pacers tonight in what it always has been lately for the Knicks, a big game. A win would not only get them closer to a Playoff berth, it would be against a good team, while being short handed. This team's short handedness however is not a worry for me as we are a deep team. No Jeffries, Stoudemire, and Lin could be a blessing for the chemistry of the team and the will to win without big pieces.

    Pacers starting line-up:

    Darren Collison

    Paul George

    Danny Granger

    David West

    Roy Hibbert

    New York Knicks Starting 5

    Baron Davis

    Landry Fields

    Carmelo Anthony

    Josh Harrellson

    Tyson Chandler


    The last two times these teams met was a back-to-back the Knicks won definitively, proving this game is "winnable". Granger may be trying to redeem himself, and the Pacers may have won their last two games riding momentum, but this Knicks team appears to be ready for this.

    Watcha thinkin' about this time, Granger?


    Making A Win Sweeter

    Yesterday Indiana Pacers legend and Knicks' rival Reggie Miller was announced to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall Of Fame. The Knicks defeating them the night after this announcement, and hopefully another beat down, would make this win even greater.

    New York Knicks Scene Girl Of The Night

    New York Television Entertainment

    Go Knicks!
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