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I honestly don't understand why woodson didn't play landry more. And why he didn't sit JR in the fourth..."I have trust in Landry" my ass.

Woody wasnt paying attention to this game....Woody switch his coaching to that of Dantoni's by using the same routine of substitution as he did in the last 3 games....Landry Fields was hotter than a fire-cracker on offense and our biggest hustlin monster on defense....the Pacers were clueless on stopping Landry Fields. Woody gave Fields 1 minute of playingtime in the 4th quarter.

Another 40 minute game from Chandler/Melo/Shump....Woody is still only using one bigman rebounder off the bench in Harrellson (9 minutes of playintime vs Pacers). SF-Novak our top peremeter shooter receive 15 minutes of playintime vs Pacers.
The Pacers use a 10-man rotation with all 10 players receiving 14 minutes or more in the rotation (that is a 10-man rotation Knicks-Fans)....Pacers use TWO bigmen rebounders off their bench in Admunson & Hansboro....the Knicks using the same routine of giving 3 players 40 minutes per game....only had 8 players receive double-digets of playintime minutes in the rotation making it a 8 man rotation.
A player receiving 40 minutes mean he is playing 10 minutes per quarter....his backup is receiving 2 minutes per quarter....it takes Kobe Bryant 2 minutes to warm up.

We didnt need Fields in the 4th quarter of the Orlando & Cavs game, but we damn sure needed Fields-hustle in the 4th quarter of the Hawks & Pacers game.....Stop giving out 40 minutes of playingtime....oponent make a small run in the 4th quarter makes our 40 minute players useless.