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    Default Official Keyindabox GFX Request Thread

    If you need a GFX, reply and I'll see what I can do

    We have just launched and the site isn't complete yet, but the forums are open. Come strong, come often

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    I love the nicks and this looks like a cool forum, but I saw this thread and I decide to kill two birds with one stone dont you agree? ok

    Text:Resident Evil
    Sub Text:Living Nightmare
    Color:You choose but something dark dark cobalt,black,dark purle,crimson red,blood red...etc...
    Size:100X450 lol or something like that(something easier to understnad look at the top with the picture of the two nicks, that size lol, yes it is for a website)
    Render/stock: unless you find a better one


    all credits will be on my site if you wish link for it just ask.

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