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A win is a win is a win....we needed this win after our headcoach big blunder of not paying attention to the Indiana Pacers game, where Landry Fields hustle & Melo scoring build us a 15 point lead to start the final quarter.
Woody's routine blunder of DNP Fields in the 4th qtr. for JR Smith, and not letting C-Jordan, PF-Jorts, and SF-Novak start the 4th qtr. will lead to his down-fall as a Knicks headcoach.

This win over a Magic team that want their headcoach FIRED yesterday....is not something to give our team or any players props on a win.
JR Smith showed up vs the Cavs & no-show Magic teams....Smith was back in China during the Pacers, Hawks, and Bucks game....lets be for real
Completely off topic, but Kiyaman are you from the Carribean or something?
Your English is really strange bro. Not so much from a grammar standpoint, but in general. Just wanna know, no beef bro!