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    Default The Infamous Mobb Deep Appreciation Thread

    JR Smith aka Killa Instinct...when things get close Smiths killa instincts allow him to score, rebound or pass. Whatever his team needs, when hes in the streets he takes out his enemies with a gun, knife, or bat

    Toney Smugglas...he rolls with a crew of smugglers. Also known as Toney Montana

    Steve "The Hitman" Novak...special move the sharpshooter

    Iman the DumpTruck...cuz when other players try to show off their handles he takes that garbage from them. He disposes his opponents

    Jeffries the Giraffe...hes got a long neck which allows him to be the first to know when his teams being attacked by an opposing offense

    Baron Davis aka Poppa Shotz...hes the oldest and wisest member of the infamous Mobb Deep. Known for his leadership and still being one of the first to bust off shots at his opponents or enemies

    Mike Bibby the Getaway Driver...thats really the only role that suits him at this point

    Josh "Put the Barrel to yo chin" Harrelson...he does the dirty work. When hes in there, the family members of his enemies can count on a closed casket funeral

    Official Mobb Deep Theme Music

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