^ Shook ones was technically their biggest single but I like survival of the fittest just as much

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"Don't one of you n***** got sickle-cell or something"

So if our guys are Mobb Deep, what are Miami? Pac + Outlawz?
Pac went low when he said that, Pac one of my favorites but he crossed that line with some of the things he said to biggie and mobb deep

Mobb deep get at Pac too

Rikers Island flashback of the house you got scuffed it in
you would think that gettin your head shot was enough but then
Now you wanna go at my team,
you must of been drunk when you wrote that ****
too bad you had to did it to your own self
my rebellion, retaliate, I had the whole New York state
aimin at your face
at the gate, bottom line of top soon as you came through
shot through, don't even know the half of my crew
I got a hundred strong arm n*ggas ready to rock the ****
clocks tick, your days are numbered in low digits
you look suspicious, suspect n*ggas is b*tches
get chopped up, Grade A meat, somethin delicious
and laced back up, 2 G's, one for stitches
then reconstruct your face and learn how to speak again
my Mobb like a bunch of wild Puerto Ricans
wit bangers the size of African spears
From Drop A Gem

Pac was more direct with his diss, there was nothing subliminal about Hit em up. But Prodigy showed he was the better, more skilled, and more creative lyricist

Whether its Prodigy and Havoc or the Knicks bench Mobb deep is always more skilled and better then their opponents