PG Lin > Harper
SG Starks > Fields
SF Melo > Anthony Mason
PF Oakley > Stat
C Ewing > Chandler

Bench: Mobb Deep all day

Id take the 94 Knicks in a 7 game series, that was one of the best defensive teams ever. But I think Chandler would do a solid job of defending Ewing, Stat would struggle against Oakley. Carmelo vs Mason would be a good matchup. Melo could get his shot off almost anytime, he could probably drive past Mason too but he wouldnt be able to post him up. Starks is better then Fields but I'd take our 3 shooting guards (Fields, Shumpert and Smith) over Starks anyday. Harper was a solid point guard, i remember him being clutch. He didnt put up the best stats but controlled the tempo well and was a great defender. It'd be a fun matchup to watch

Part 2 Coming Soon!! 99 Knicks vs Current knicks, the poll needs about 15 votes before i make that thread