Looking at the Eastern Conference standings as of now, we look more or less like a sandwich with
Milwaukee trying to reach the 8th spot being just one game behind and Philadelphia fighting to keep
their tiny 1.5 game advantage to moor their sinking ship in the safe harbor.

The upcoming doubleheader against Chicago doesn't make it any easier not only to swamp the 76ers but
also to avoid the abyss of a premature offseason. Moreover, with Derrick Rose expected to return to the Bulls
squad it will be extremely tough to hang on where we are at this point of the season. But there is still
a glimmer of hope with Jared Jeffries supposed to wear the Knicks uniform as soon as Sunday.

These back-to-back games against the unquestionable Eastern Conference leader will require 100% effort
from everyone, the players, the coaching staff and us, the fans. We have to play, coach and root like it's
the finals...

Otherwise we're screwed with now free Isiah camping around the corner.