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Thread: Bulls Or Heat?

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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    When did Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and Kevin Love die?"

    LeBron always has, and always will be the efficient and better scorer than Carmelo. If LeBron didn't pass the ball so well and chucked it up like Melo and Kobe, he would average 35 ppg with ease. Melo has struggled to hit 20 ppg this season. No contest.

    I'll take Dirk over Melo too.

    Are you just looking at ppg to see who the best scorers are?

    The top 3 scorers are Kobe, Melo, and KD.

    All those players you listed can scorer in a lot of points but their not classified as scorers which is basically a player that can score from everywhere and has a large arsenal of offensive moves off the dribble, in the triple threat, and with the back to the basket.

    Lebron's a great player but he's not a scorer he doesn't have the mentality and thats half of being a scorer having the mindset that when you get the ball you gonna go down and score. Lebron is a point forward half the time he's looking to pass(especially at the end of the 4th).

    Just for the fact that you said Kevin Love and Westbrook are better scorers than Melo you actually lost all credibility in this discussion.

    Thats like saying Shaq was a better scorer than Kobe in because he averaged more than him during the 3 peat, when someone says a players a great scorer it's more about in how many ways they can score and their mentality not about who's actually averaging the most points or who's the most efficient scorer.

    But back to the OP I'd rather play Chicago
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