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Are you just looking at ppg to see who the best scorers are?

The top 3 scorers are Kobe, Melo, and KD.

All those players you listed can scorer in a lot of points but their not classified as scorers which is basically a player that can score from everywhere and has a large arsenal of offensive moves off the dribble, in the triple threat, and with the back to the basket.

Lebron's a great player but he's not a scorer he doesn't have the mentality and thats half of being a scorer having the mindset that when you get the ball you gonna go down and score. Lebron is a point forward half the time he's looking to pass(especially at the end of the 4th).

Just for the fact that you said Kevin Love and Westbrook are better scorers than Melo you actually lost all credibility in this discussion.

Thats like saying Shaq was a better scorer than Kobe in because he averaged more than him during the 3 peat, when someone says a players a great scorer it's more about in how many ways they can score and their mentality not about who's actually averaging the most points or who's the most efficient scorer.

But back to the OP I'd rather play Chicago
Not at all, through research, and watching over a decade of these guys play and using information to gather an accurate assessment what I'm saying would make sense a lot of sense if you knew the difference between "scorer" and "chucker".

Melo, Bryant and KD...have the highest volume of taking shots.

They can score from anywhere, but most of the time they miss a lot more often than they score from anywhere.

Who would you rather have, Brandon Jennings or Ty Lawson?

Efficiency > Volume

This is why Jordan will always finish ahead of Kobe due to the fact Jordan played in a harder era and still manage to score at such an efficient rate and played off the ball more than Kobe

The statement "LeBron is not a scorer" is 100% false and has no substance. LeBron is a master of all trades and scoring is one of his elite strengths, especially at the efficiency he does it at.

Westbrook and Love this season have been better scorers than Melo. These are the top prospect stars of the league and will only get better. Melo is nearing 30 years and will soon decline in his career. This is the best of Melo you'll ever see. Westbrook and Love proved this season they're better. They'll do it again next year. and my credibility is in impregnable, you need to establish credibility before you even talk about it, hold that and work on it.

Shaq was better than Kobe at scoring, always been. What kind of dumbass you have to be to not have a prime Shaq as your primary scoring option? He was unguardable, Kobe can chuck his team into a loss. Without Shaq, Lakers have no 3peat...common knowledge.

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Wow, just wow at this post. Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook are better scorers than Melo because he struggled for a couple of months out of a 9 year career where he dominated night in and night out?
Are we in 2012 or 2008? 2012. Love and Westbrook both proved themselves to be elites in the scoring the department. Does that upset you? You can't accept documented facts? Wash away your conditioned mind because Melo isn't dominant... he had a terrible season this year, utterly terrible.

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I can tell by your sig you're still living in the past, Melo is finally being used the way he is suppose to, Kobe and Durant the other top scorers have been utilized to their fullest potential all year, if Woodson was coaching from jump street you never know what would have happen, but I guarantee Melo wouldn't have shot 65%+ of his shots outside of 18 feet in the beginning of the season like D'Antoni had him doing
You're wrong. Bryant and Durant aren't even used to their fullest potential since their career high average is over 30 ppg, not 27 ppg.

Melo isn't even in Bryant, Durant or LeBron's class. He's a tier 2 scorer.