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Because fields let him sleep on his couch, so he only passes him the ball.He doesn't even look for STAT and MELO, i like LIN, but he has to realize his run is over, and get the ball to his best players.
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I just want him to set up the O, make plays when need be, hit open shots and play D......and keep TO's down
Isn't is what Lin was trying to do before he was injured?
IMO a lot of animosity against Lin from posts here, even with Lin isn't playing. This usually happens after Melo has a good game.

The common goal, for all fans from all sports, is winning. It's that simple. When the team is losing, everyone is scrutinizing under the microscope; the owner, GM, the coach, and even more so for the high-paid players.
Dolan brought Melo here for one purpose only; to win! I am sure most of KOers do not hate Melo. Knicks is a team with full of talents. We all know that. And fans had high hopes this season and every right to doubt Melo's ability when he was in his long and seemed like never ending shooting slump, and more importantly: the team was losing! Now that the team is winning, we really shouldnt focus on someone who will not return for the rest of the regular season.

We can all put our blame on MDA for being the best 2-game-above-.500 team (at this time of the season) in NBA history!