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Well put....so many fans are blinded by individual $$$ players not noticing the loaded roster of Knicks players with so many different styles of talent to create a decent .550 winning team....I blame this on "Isiah's favortism & Dantoni's DNP half roster....it has got to the point where fans dont know the high value of a Tyson Chandler, Rodman, Ibaka, Prince, Fisher in a rotation.
It took Lin-Sanity performance to show fans how high the value of Jefferies, Novak, Fields, Shump, and Tyson Chandler's performance can become as a "TEAM" of players.

The Knicks do have a big issue in an "EGO-struggle" problem between many of their players....everyone of them want to be "Jordan" and no one wants to be "Pippin".....early in the season we had the craziest decision-making players on offense in the NBA, all our players were shoot-first no pass players....the league seen our two super-stars become "ISO" players forcing up shots when double or tripple defenders on them. FIRE the headcoach there is no order in the offense....but Dolan or Grunwald refuse to FIRE the headcoach.

Here's one reason why fans think Stat should come off the bench....
What position does Stat play?
It looks like headcoach Woodson gave that question to the Knicks organization after
the blowout loss to the Raptors....the question is still on hold after 7 games.
The Denver Nuggets gave max salary to PF-Kenyon Martin to play alongside of SF-Melo & C-Camby.
how did that work out?
I would say this shoot first from the whole team, was a product of mike C'ANToni given everyone, and i mean everyone the green light.We've already seen a change in our offense, with a competent coach, i'm not saying it was all C'ANToni, but it was mostly him, and his so called system, where every shot was a good shot.After woody took over, STAT even started to come around, because he wasn't getting the ball 20+ feet from the hoop.