Now it's quite possible I'll be accused of being a dick rider, and I haven't posted on these boards in quite some time. While I would prefer not to reenter unknown and in such a controversial manner, I noticed alot of you guys complaining about J.R. Smith.

I'd just like to offer my perspective and if you differ, feel free to debate me.

My post was spurred by a Kobe fan who didn't want to debate basketball. He just said "Why is J.R. Smith taking mad shots and trying to copy Kobe. Bench his ass."

So... BAM


We signed J.R. Smith because we know what he is. Is he a proven champion? No. If you want that, perhaps you can go and sign Bill Russell a 10 day free agent contract.

He is a proven, explosive scorer who when he heats up, it pays off. In OT when he was hitting all those shots, all of his haters suddenly dissipated, and they were quietly discontent or sounding off the horns of "Well we wouldn't be in this place if he had made those shots."

Kobe Bryant sometimes goes 5-20, 7-24, and similar things, with the Lakers escaping with a W because of the play of Bynum and Gasol.

While many of you would say "You are comparing J.R. Smith to Kobe Bryant? Gtfo, you don't know anything about basketball." Look past that and you will see that when Kobe OR J.R. Smith plays well, the dynamic of the team changes. You don't leave J.R. Smith open nor Kobe Bryant. These two men are scorers - take away all other monikers, they score the basketball.

When J.R. Smith is hitting, you don't see 3 men packed in the paint for when Melo 9/10 times beats his man on the Iso with a strong spin. You see J.R., Novak, Amare ready and willing to hit the open shot or for the 1st one, ABLE to go into triple threat position.

We don't even deserve to be in the post season ahead of the Bucks because of our coaching inconsistency for the majority of the season, our plethora of injuries. But when and if we get there, it is only by explosive scorers like J.R. lighting up that we will have the firepower to make it past a Miami or a Chicago.

Novak isn't going to be big against a good perimeter defender like Miami.

Baron Davis will turn over the ball against Miami's aggressive young points and in the event that they shift wade and Bron to the 1 and 2, the size, speed, and athleticism will make him more of a nonfactor then he already is.

Jared Jeffries - I like the guy, I really do, but he is there for defense and his offensive flaws, aside from a few open jumpers and some good looks at the basket in the paint, due to offensive penetration causing miscommunications and lost assignments will give him perhaps 8-10 shots, of which he is good for 3-6 FIELD GOALS. That's not winning games. It's not being a liability offensively.

Tyson Chandler - Big man can put in work. I believe in Chandler and he has improved from his NOH days offensively, but his field goals are not going to win a game. He makes stop defensively and alters shots, or D Rose could have quite a different field goald percentage which leads me to...

Shumpert - This guy is a great, solid defensive guard with some complementary offensive moves. I love defensive guards and Shumpert will be, if he is not already top 5. He will contribute a major portion of our defense and be a good tool in the Knicks offensive belt.

You can go on and on, but talking about Shumpert brings me to my main point. He will be a good tool in the offensive schemes (Sorry I refer to you as a tool Shump. You da man), but it is only by getting our (potential, being Melo, Smith) cannons firing, that we will go anywhere, because defenses in the NBA play offs are too damn good to not seriously cut down Novak, Fields' (Boston anybody), Jeffries' production.

Good to be back!