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    From the large samples we've seen tho.. They never play like they're fully capable of on the court at the same time is what I'm getting at.

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    Originally Posted by knickzrulezH20
    No no no no no. Guys theres a huge difference between regular season ball and playoff basketball.

    We are not beating the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat in a 7 game series with Melo at the 4.

    Let's be realistic. I'm enjoying this winning streak as much as the rest of ya, but lets keep things in perspective and not get carried away because of a couple games like we usually do.

    I'm sure D-Wade should come off the bench to am I right?
    This is right just because it's working for two or three games with Boston does not mean this should happen.

    And the fact that Melo's playing well has less to do with Amare and more to do with Lin not being out, remember Melo wasn't the one having problems when he first got here it was Amare and he's shown he can adjust to Melo being here with his play before his injury.

    You gotta give them a chance to both play well at the same time in the same line up.

    And like this guy said it's gonna be a different story in the playoffs remember that.

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