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    Great win indeed.

    Edit: Damn, so close to a great night. I fail!

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    It was an ugly win, but i will take it!

    The bucks interior defense was garbage and it showed in the 1st quarter.

    We should have won this game easily, but I guess the injuries made it harder.

    Our last two wins against the magic were easier due to the lack of offense by the magic.
    On contrary, Bucks' offense is much better than the magic's, thats why it wasn't an easy one.

    anyway, we need our injured players back as soon as possible, it's not gonna be an easy ride whatsoever

    and our players need to play their best, we need everyone's energy every game

    oh.. and i wish woody stays longer. Having a new coach after this season would be a stupid move

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    Had to add my two cents:

    Way to go Knicks!!!

    "Winner of the coveted "Chink in the Armor" award!"

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    Originally Posted by redarmy81
    yeah, since woodson took over we've gone 6-3 against other playoff teams in the east. plus won twice against the bucks. lets just hope we have an easy game against the wizards so we can rest melo & chandler a lot that game, we'll need them for the two games after that..
    And there you have it. An easy game just like you asked for. Knicks up 40 plus at one point. Lol.. Now onto Miami and Boston.. Want to win both but have to have at least a split.

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