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  • With Stat back we'll win the championship

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    Default Stat Coming Back Soon?

    Knicks Won't Keep Carmelo At Power Forward When Stoudemire Returns
    Apr 11, 2012 12:05 PM EDT

    Carmelo Anthony has thrived in his new role as power forward, but Mike Woodson said that Amar'e Stoudemire will be reinserted into the starting lineup as soon as he is healthy enough to return.

    There are encouraging signs that Stoudemire is making progress, including his participation in Tuesday's morning practice.

    “I’ve got to think the doctors and Amar’e are on the same page in terms of where he is,” Woodson said before Tuesday night’s loss to the Bulls. “And when they tell me he’s ready to go, he’ll be right back in the starting lineup, playing the way I expect him to play.”

    The Knicks are just 16-20 when Anthony and Stoudemire both play.

    Stoudemire has been working with Knicks trainer Dave Han**** and the intensity of their sessions has increased.

    “He’s still working out, taking it a day at a time,” Woodson said. “He looks pretty good. Again, I think it’s going to be up to Amar’e and the doctors when he decides to make his move.

    “Until he tells me he’s ready to play, I got to continue to go to guys that are in uniform. When he tells me, I’m going to welcome him back with open arms big time.”

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    I have several questions concerning Stat and his potential return

    We saw how it took him a long time to get back into shape this year, he finally stringed together 3 games where he made a positive impact for us.

    1)How long will it take Stat this time to regain his rhythm?

    2)Will Stats return slow our ball movement down even more? (think about what the starting lineup will look like again)

    3)Can Baron Davis step his game up another level which could potentially help Melo and Stat mesh together better?

    4)Will Melo's offense suddenly disappear again?

    5)Was Toney Douglas's game against the Magic a one hit wonder for him?

    6)Should Mike Bibby get another shot?

    Now ill take the first crack at answering my own questions....

    1) Lets say Stat comes back next week, its hard to imagine him being in shape and in rhythm when the playoffs get here. An out of shape, out of rhythm Amare is more of a negative on this team then a positive, hence the nickname Negative Stats

    2) When Stat returns, the ball movement will be worse for us. Carmelo will slide back to the 3, Amare will get blocked and called for offensive fouls. Shumpert will return to the bench giving us one less player that can handle the ball and occasionally make plays for others

    3) No, i do not believe we'll see Baron Davis step it up another level. He is what he is

    4) I dont think Melo's offense will disappear, but without the cross matchups or the bigger slower defenders on him, i think it will be a little easier for teams to defend him as a small forward. I dont think he'll keep playing as well as he has since Stat and Lin got injured

    5) Douglas's game was not quite a one hit wonder against the Magic, he could have another game like that here or there but Im not expecting much from him. I think perhaps at the beginning of the season, Carmelo meant to give Dantoni cancer similar to how he did that to George Karl in Denver. But perhaps Douglas was standing behind or next to Dantoni and somehow caught the cancer instead

    6) Why not give Bibby a few minutes here and there? He does play with pride, hes not as bad defensively as many of u say he is in my opinion. If he could just find his shot...but he'll never be the penetrator/point guard that this team desperately needs.

    To conclude this thread, I dont think Stats return will make us a better team. He might as well rest up and get himself into great shape for next year. This year, I think the most we can hope for at this point is a competitive first round. Anything else is unrealistic
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