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    Default Taking a look at our shot location

    May not be fair since we're under a new era with Woodson after we exiled D'Antoni but as team this is how we've locatedour shots this season

    At Rim - 33%
    3-9 FT - 10%
    10-15FT - 7%
    15-23FT - 20%
    Threes - 28%

    With that, taking a look at ourField Goal % and 3pt Efficiency Field Goal %

    At Rim - 64.2% (top 10, only behind 3%)
    3-9 FT - 31% (dead last in the NBA)
    10-15FT - 36.8% (22nd in the NBA)
    15-23FT - 36% (26nd in the NBA)
    Threes - 47% (26nd in the NBA in EFG)

    We've been a top 5 defensive team in the NBA, but our offense is ranked 21.

    I would like to ask you

    What can be the solution here?

    In need a PG who can create and assist easier perimeter shots?

    Better ball movement to create more opportunities?

    Just our players practicing their shooting consistency to be more accurate?

    Taking less 3pt shots and more shots at rim close range?

    BTW, I did my research and math...under Mike Woodson, we're taking 24.5 3PT shots a game.

    Only 3pt shooter we have is Novak. I'm afraid we'll shoot our selves out games if continue take these inaccurate shots.

    By the way...Knicks are the worst in the NBA in assisted shots, most of our scoring comes from isolation.

    We're in desperate need of a pointguard, more than ANYTHING. Lin may not even be the answer, a Paul/Nash type is needed.
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