According to Nike CEO Mark Parker, the uniforms are made of lighter fabrics, with jerseys 20 to 30 percent lighter than the previous years. The Elite 51 uniforms have four-way stretch for a snugger fit, which means less material to grab, in addition to built-in padding.
"It's extra layers where you need it and none where you don't," Parker said at the event.
"They're tight. You can't get pulled or snagged on. That's the biggest thing for me: making sure that I'm sleek and I'm fast and I can't be grabbed or held," said Victor Cruz of the New York Giants.
"I love them," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. "The performance is so important for the athletes. What we tried to do is innovate. Even if the look doesn't change, there's innovation."
The new 2012 NFL jerseys go on sale the same weekend as the NFL Draft April 26-28.
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