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Man. Melo was just inhuman in that 1st quarter.

Nice to see a win, but seriously, 35 3 point attempts.

Fair enough they gave us the looks and we moved the ball well, but what about when STAT returns?

As the spacing is effected, so too will our offense be effected. We can't run a team predicated on 3 point shooting in the playoffs. If anything, it has become apparent over the last decade that it's size and defense that win series.

We can't small ball the Heat out of the 1st round, and I am anxious as to whether or not Woodson has something to counter Miami's perimeter defense that includes both Melo and Amar'e in the post/on the block and an inside ~ outside game.

35 from the arc for 13 makes. Long rebound misses are not gonna win us much in the 1st round against the high octane tandem of James and Wade, and if we want to even entertain the thought of an upset, it's critical that we take one of the 2 opening games in Miami.

Tonight's approach won't suffice, and we can't rely on games like our previous home win against Boston.
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