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Crazy....the 35 3 point attempts wouldve shut down yesterday Steven A. Smith radio show on the Knicks in the postseason.
The bench shooting 19 3 point attempts = no inside game gellin or 15' jumpers, so 35 attempts as a whole speak volume on our offensive-chemistry. .

When Shaq got SWEPT in the FINALS....it was from having a team that shot 3 balls all season.
I dont want coach SVG in New York, his previous 7 seasons consisted of 3 ball shootin to win games as if Dwight Howard didnt exist....
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Who ever mentioned Stan Van Gundy and the Knicks in the same sentence?

Sometimes you come up with some very weird stuff man...
It's in perfect context, it's typical "Kiya skips a sentence or 3 while making points". I agree with him entirely, as I believe that our heavy front-court needs to be focal. Considering Amar'e in that respect, dude needs to get to Olajuwon's big man camp and learn to accentuate his physical attributes to broaden our game. That, IMO, is paramount to the Knicks 'getting what they pay for'.

Inside ~ outside = success for this team.