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Melo and STAT per CBA can restructure

Player contracts can be renegotiated downward in extensions, as long as the player’s salary does not decrease by more than 40 percent. Previously, renegotiations could only increase a player’s salary. This could provide another key avenue for teams to maintain roster flexibility and add players with space created by restructuring existing contracts, similar to the NFL.

I guess guys dont do their research

As for a PG, I'd love to get Randy Foye, we dont need a playmaking PG we need a solid floor general, Foye is a combo guard but has Chauncey-like potential for us especially being able to play off of Melo, he can be a 16 and 6 guy for us
my bad . . . i could have sworn that the cba doesnt allow restucturing/maybe restructuring of old cba contracts :S not sure ill find out