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    Default How's this roster for next year?

    Assuming Lin is retained for a good portion of the MLE (probably all of it) and JR Smith, Novak and Fields all walk in free agency:

    5 - Chandler
    4 - STAT
    3 - Melo
    2 - Shump
    1 - Lin
    5 - Marcus Cousin (best 7 footer out there no one's talking about)
    4 - Jorts (showed he can play, his option should be picked up)
    3 - DaJuan Summers (6'8"/240-ish strong/skilled SF/PF hybrid, good shooter, can't believe a team as bad as Detroit gave up on him; substantial upgrade over Fields in every facet of the game practically. Unfortunate because I still like Fields--he's just regressed so badly this year for some reason. We really need to think about upgrading his spot out on the wing)
    2 - Sylven Landesberg (6'6" skilled, great slasher, improved shooter, indications are that he's made some nice strides overall playing in Israel)
    1 - Matt Janning (6'4" skilled PG/SG, reminds me of Goran Dragic/Bulls version of Kirk Hinrich)
    5 - Jerome Jordan (D-League assignment likely, I might look to moving him for a future pick, maybe packaged w/TD); maybe look into stealing Greg Stiemsma away from the Celts if the price is right)
    4 - Jeff Adrien (rebounding, dirty work, toughness, enforcer)
    3 - Ryan Wittman (attempting to replace Novak's pure 3-pt stroke)
    2 - 2nd round pick - 6'6" SG Chris Johnson (Dayton); 6'6" SG Kim English (Mizzou); sign PG/SG Willie Warren?
    1 - Toney Douglas (who I'd look to move for a future pick); maybe make a run at Patty Mills if he declines his $1M player option with the Spurs or look into signing Ben Hansbrough

    They'll probably look into signing a couple of vets but I don't see how -- cap will be over $61M to kick off the off-season. Plus with Chandler, STAT and Melo there's enough of a vet presence and enough leadership at the top..And not only that but next year's FA crop isn't that impressive anyway to say the least...Even if the cap room is there somehow, why overpay for role players just to say you signed a veteran?? I think we should piece it together with young/dynamic minimum level signings/acquisitions which we can exceed the cap in order to do. I'd love to go to war with this club -- I think this roster is a better, deeper team than we have right now to be perfectly honest with you. We're gonna have some nice options provided we look in the right places.
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