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    Default Amare and Melo coexisting. Benching STAT is necessary?? SMH

    I love how the same media who acted as if we were better without Melo months ago are now turning their sights to Melo and Amare not being able to co-exist.

    Disregard we we were one of the top offensive teams in the league last yr after the Melo trade and now 7-2 after a coaching change this season with Amare. To create a story they use a early part of the season in which the TEAM as a whole struggled before Woodson.

    If your gonna push an unfounded argument to sell a story tell both sides. but then again if they do there is no story lol

    If anyone is a hindrance in my opinion to Amare's game its Chandler because he doesn't free up the paint. Amare has always been use to having a stretch the floor big which gave him a free path now he has to adjust his game and learn to play while sharing the paint more.

    Even still there is no sign showing that this team when healthy can't work. I just hate how they rush to create a story and omit blatant rebuttals as if there is none.

    One sided journalism at its best. They did it to Melo, inferred the same thing with Wade when Miami prospered without him, even Kobe now Amare. None of those teams realistically esepcially LA and Miami are legit threats to win a title without those respective players.

    We struggled at times because there wasn't a legit number 2 scoring option with Lin and Amare sidelined. JR is boom or bust to often to be a reliable 2.

    Amare's return in my opinion was much needed and him coming off the bench in my opinion is ridiculous like they inferred during halftime on ABC. They and others have talked about having him off the floor as much as possible while Melo is playing. By that logic what sense would it make to then send him out there in crunch time with Melo if they cant co exist to that point? Stat is really better riding the pine late in games? smh
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